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How My Services Work

First fill out the form under the "LET ME COOK FOR YOU" tab. This form allows me to get some basic contact information as well as identify any dietary restrictions or limitations you or your family/guest may have. The form also gives you the opportunity to tell me how many people you'd like services for, as well as the theme or menu you have in mind. This form should also be filled out if you are inquiring about cooking instruction (lessons/classes). Once I receive this form, I will contact you to formally decide on the exact menu, cost, date, and time. I will send the official quote to the email used in the form. 


The Day of the Service


My arrival time will be discussed before the day of the service, and will depend on the number of courses how long they take to prepare. I can plate dishes on your plates, or bring my own. I will bring all necessary equipment (pots, pans, cooking utensils, fryers, etc.) and will clean up upon completion of the service. It's my intention that your only responsibility is to enjoy your time and your meal. I can work with most kitchen setups, and will happily build or customize menus to fit your space and available appliances. 

Weekly Lunch Menu

Every week, (Monday - Thursday) I offer a catered Lunch Menu for businesses and parties. This menu is delivered as a bulk item or individually plated for a nominal fee. (delivery fee's may apply depending on the distance). To view this weeks lunch menu, schedule a lunch delivery, or sign up for our weekly emailed or texted lunch menu click "HEREand get a reply within 12 hours.

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